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Binding to IPv6 Only?

 Using the latest build of CrushFTP at the time of this writing. In addition, it is a new installation of RedHat Linux (OEL 7.2) to be specific and the CrushFTP instances are ONLY binding to IPv6. I would like for it to be bound to all interfaces both IPv4 and IPv6 but it's not. I read in documentation where it will bind to all interfaces but it is not. See attached file. Thanks for any help you're able to provide!


CrushFTP is binding to everything by default, not just ipv6 interfaces.

You can bind it to to force this too.

You can also force ipv4 in the prefs.xml file, by setting "force_ipv4" to be true.

Not an issue with CrushFTP but my understanding of netstat -an on newer linux system. See attached. It will show it's listening on tcp6 but it will continue to respond on tcp. After a connection, will see the connection entry for ipv4 in the table.


Disregard. Hope someone else learns from my mistake!

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