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CrushFTP startup script for mac?

I'm running the latest version of Crushftp on El Capitan. I was wondering if there is a script I could use to launch it at login? Maybe something that authenticates and starts the temporary server? I have a program called Lingon that I'm hoping to use to help make it happen. Thanks.

That wouldn't make sense...

Click install daemon.  That is how your supposed to run it after purchasing.  If you haven't purchased, you re only allowed to evaluate it for 30 days and then either purchase or throw it away.



I did that, but I was wondering about automating it to authenticate and start the temporary server too.

If the daemon is running, the GUI app should never be opened again.  There is no reason or purpose to ever have it open.  That is why there is a daemon.


OK, thanks. I am far from an expert on this. I just noticed I can't get to the login page until I press the temporary server button, and figured there was something wrong. And FYI, I have the paid version.

Remove the daemon, install the daemon again.

Turn off the OS firewall too.

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