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Web interfac not working

Web interface ‘https://xxx.xx.xx.xx:8080/WebInterface/login.html’ is not working. The linux server ‘xxx.xx.xx.xx’ is up and running. How to make web interface work?

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Hello, Rupali.

Is the CrushFTP service running?

Can you connect to it using SFTP or FTP?

If the service is not working then you need to start the CrushFTP service using the:

./ start   command.

If the CrushFTP service is running you should try and update your CrushFTP build to the latest so it updates the web interface folder as well.

You need to update your CrushFTP 7 build to the latest.

You can do that by going to Admin>>ServerAdmin>>About tab click on the UpdateNow button.

The check for update only checks the major version number, and not the _build numbers. So ignore it when it says you are up to date.

If this is Windows, and you have not installed the service, you will need to right click and run the update.bat that appears after the update runs. In some cases, you will have to do this regardless if your Windows install doesn't run this file automatically.

If the previous method did not work you can try download the latest build from CrushFTP download page.

You can also manually grab files and add them individually from here:

Let us know.



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