CrushFTP 7.4 Released (11/02/2015)


Added journaled VFS for multi VFS.

Added import from CSV for User Manager.

Randomized token generation to be more secure.

Added locked permission type for folders.

Added builtin test telnet client for admins.

Allow for SSH rename overwrites.

Added setting for a single job scheduler when in HA mode.

Added Preferences synchronization in HA mode

Improved logging with additional tags and debug messages if enabled.

SFTP library updates.

Added SQL query tool to do basic operations for admins.

Added AS2 signature validation.

Changed CrushFTPDrive for OS X to use OS X Fuse.

Added banned date, and reason to auto banned IP entries.

Added ability to dump XML users when acting in server learning mode as a proxy.

AS2 uses Batch Complete for incoming files.

Added event for temp account expirations.

Added SAMLSSO plugin.

Added Job replication for HA mode.

Added Reply To for Share emails.

Added support for multi page PDF and TIFF documents with WebInterface preview.

Added support for DNS host instead of IP for PASV IP.

Added flag for disabling the job scheduler.

CrushTunnel version 3 is complete and stable now.

Added PGP encryption using ASCII armor back.

Added UTF8 SMTP subject encoding.

Added SHA3 support.

Added max download and max upload count configuration for users.

Added support for a SSL port forward with SSL handled by proxy.

Improved WebDAV logging.

Added auto backups of inheritance.xml and groups.xml files.

Added auto backups of Job.xml files.

Added AttachmentRedirector app and support in CrushFTP.

Changed SFTP port to default to CTR instead of CBC mode.

Allow HA mode without using ServerBeat for VIP movement.

Hides SMB items the user can’t access at login.

Added memory stats tracking for CrushSync.

Improved startup speed and auto retry for CrushSync.

Added overwrite on rename for CrushTask.

URL encoding fixes throughout all of CrushFTP and related apps.

Added polling mode for CrushTask.

Added multiple UserVariable assignment in CrushTask.

Uses less CPU while waiting for MDN replies with AS2.

PopIMAP can handle nested messages and attachment extraction in CrushTask.

Added group expansion for emails in CrushTask.

Added find Deleted for S3Crush protocol.

Find and Delete are both multithreaded now in CrushTask.

Added optional controls for JCIFS config properties.

FTP / SFTP client improvements to handle more bad servers.

CrushTunnel v3 can aggregate across multiple ISP connections.

Added more date variables to CrushTask.

Added S3Crush replication for HA mode.

Added support for very long S3 dir listings.

Added command line client CrushClient, including agent UI for remote monitoring.

Many additional localization items added to the WebInterface.

Added inline player in tree view for audio in WebInterface.

Added Tour button for first time administrators.

Added copy Event to Job feature.

Enhancements to ‘cascade’ feature in WebInterface upload form.

Added ability to expand/collapse all on tree view in WebInterface.

Improved various UI aspects with areas that used popup panels.

Manage Shares interface can handle very large listings now.

Added quick copy log button to log viewer.

Updated to latest jQuery library version.


Fixed bug with job scheduling.

Fixed bug with multi VFS config.

Fixed bug with quick SFTP upload and disconnects with small files.

Fixed event notifications for aborted uploads when going through DMZ.

Fixes for special characters and WebDAV.

Session replication fixes.

Various AS2 fixes when going through a DMZ scenario.

Fixed MLST format handling.

Various fixed in S3Crush VFS handling.

MDN fixed for AS2.

Fixed search system for exact mode.

Fixed bug with SSL certificate testing.

s3 multi thread fixes.

Fixed global variables for CrushTask.

Fixed open file leak for bad PGP operations.

Fixed OS/400 FTP client for some bad servers.

Fixed S3Crush resume upload bug.

Top WebInterface navigation bar fixed.

URL encoding issues with passwords and SSL cert generation.

IE11 WebInterface sharing issues fixed.

Fixed sorting bug with expanded tree view in WebInterface.