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TIKA / MySQL Fulltext search

We successful setup a CrushFTP7 instance to test fulltext search. MySQL and TIKA were installed and the ITEM_KEYWORDS column changed to TEXT and indexed in MYSQL as FULLTEXT.

However, as also indicated by search_db_query CrushFTP wouldn't use that index. So we are seeing very slow search operations with lots of big KEYWORD lines (3MB+ per line). SQL queries using LIKE on ITEM_KEYWORD are very fast though (< 0.01 sec).

Is there a way to customice the search query or add more parameters to it?

Sorry for the delay.

The prefs, search config lets you edit the queries being used...but you can't add additional parameters.  The ? items are filled in in order.  So you can adjust the query, but there are limitations in that...



Hi Ben,

For our purpose we would need exactly that 2nd parameter to run a query using

>> ITEM_KEYWORDS like "%?%" << and therefor taking advantage of the DB fulltext index.

Optional one could only return the top 2k of ITEM_KEYWORDS + the search string to generate a match.

Do you think a future version might provide that 2nd parameter?

Thx, Joachim

Its much more complicated than this...the search first searches based on filename...and if that fails, then it looks into the keywords, but it is looking on each item's keywords.  Its not using a DB query on that.  This might be an enhancement that can be done...but this changes the architecture of how the search works entirely...  So its going to need a lot more thought on what an be done.

I've had this pending now for a *long* time as a potential feature request.  If my delay in response was indication on this, this is not as simple as it appears in your request.

This isn't something we can implement due to how the search aspect is working to load items.  I had researched it and was just leaving it to come back and reconsider if there was another way.  But nothing for now that we can do on this unfortunately.



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