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Windows 7 Webdav not working

I want to use Webdav on a Windows 7 Client.

It works with our Company Macs running OSX.

Windows 7 Comes up with the message "Folder is unavailable, choose a different Folder"

I use http://myip:8080

Is this wrong for Windows 7, cause it works on the Macs...

Hope you can help me out

Only HTTPS is allowed on win7, and it must also be using a valid trusted SSL cert, or it will give the same error.

OS X allows more forgiving scenarios than Win7 does.

Use non HTTPS to work on the server while your making changes to HTTPS.  Port 8080 and 9090 are doing HTTP by default.

Otherwise roll back your prefs.xml file form the backups folder that CrushFTP is keeping for you automatically.

thanks 4 your quick response.

that worked well.

Now i get a password request for 1st time using webdav on win7, but entering the user an pass, i get the message, folder does not exist...

Its more than SSL...its a valid and trusted SSL.  You can't just use a self signed cert, you have to get that cert signed so that its valid...  Or you have to import your self signed cert into the windows cert trust store so that its trustworthy.

Windows will only do WebDAV if it fully trusts the connection.

is there a step by step guide for dummies?

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