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tempaccount restrictions

Hi I´m new to this and very thankful for the powerful tool you provide.

In my root folder I created an up- and downloadfolder which I want to use for external Users only (via sharing).

In the downloadfolder I want to provide files which can be downloaded. If the external user enter this folder using the link I send them, they should be able to see the content and download it.

The upload folder should be used to upload stuff, so the external User should´t be able to see the content. The only Option is to upload files.

So I used the UserManager to edit the rights for the Tempaccount, but the outcome is not as desired.

Externals can´t see files in the download folder, unless I choose the files the are allowed to download, but I want to give them the choice within this a subfolder.

Also eventhough, I did not set the right for Uploading in the download folder, external Users get the Option to Upload files.

Could you be so kind and tell me what I`m doing wrong.

Hello, Morton.

You need to add different folders for the upload and download in the UserManager and there set the permissions.

The TempAccount is a template for all accounts that are created by a share, it should barely be customized but not the way you did that.

Under the below links you should get a better insight of what is done and how can be done in CrushFTP:

Install Guide: Starting the app and creating an admin user.
OSX | Windows | Linux

Quick Start Guide: Starting and managing the basics.

File Management in the WebInterface

Port Forwarding and Diagnostics Validating External Access

Jobs and Event Configuration



Thanks for your quick replay and sorry for my late response.

I set the permissions as you suggested, the outcome is the same though.

  • Only marked files can be seen and downloaded. If i share a folder with files, the folder is empty if the external user uses my share link.
  • Users can still upload files to the download folder and overcome my restrictions

As I want to use shares all the same way it should´t matter if i mess around with the TempAccount template, shouldn´t it?

As I understand you might not be clear on how CrushFTP works, please email me at so that we can have a quick screen sharing session and see what issues you have and solve them. 



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