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Has anyone successfully gotten the SAMLSSO plugin to work?  I am trying to set it up with Centrify's Identify Service and not sure how to get it working.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



SAML is always a little tricky...

First you need an enterprise trial license if you don't have an actual enterprise license yet.

Email support for that, and we can also do a GoToMeeting with you and work through the config.  I've helped a few companies configure SAML with CrushFTP.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply!  I believe we are on an Enterprise license.  This is what it says in our "About" page: Enterprise Level: 1

I'll send an email to support with how I have it setup so far.  I've turned on debug, and from what I can tell it is at least firing up the SAMLSSO plugin.  I can also see that maybe I don't have all of the necessary info in the config.  I will troubleshoot some more then send an email to support.  Thanks Ben!


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