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Find filter syntax

I'm somewhat familiar with using the * as a wildcard in the Find/Source filter but, I'm curious if there are more advanced options. For example, I have a new transfer that has a collection of 20ish files and I need to exclude two files with a similar name. Is there an option to match files (URLs) that do not contain a certain string? 

Or, can a filter be setup to include files that contain one of a selection of strings? In Perl (or similar regex) this would be like /myfile_(abc|def|ghi).txt/ to match three different files.


REGEX patterns are supported, but not generally suggested due to the complexities it can create.  But to use a REGEX, remember your filtering on the entire field URL, not just a name...  You must prefix the pattern with REGEX: to crush knows its regex.



The slash is helping it know that its after the last / that we are filtering...

A better way would be to find items, then have two exclude tasks after the find to remove files matching the pattern.


Ah, the Exclude task might be the best option for the current project as the files I need to avoid would be easy to handle with a wildcard.

Good to know the Regex options is there, too. I have another project coming up that is probably going to need it.

Thanks for the help!

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