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Report of banned IPs

It would helpful from a security monitoring to include a report of banned IPs.  The report could show the following:

  • IP address obviously
  • Date and Time
  • Temporary or Permanent ban

This could be additional fields on the failed login attempts. For example, if the failed login led to a ban. Also, if the failed login was the result of a previous ban.

Latest version now tracks a reason, and optionally a comment you can put on every banned IP.  Sow when an IP is banned, it will be listed in the list along with the time of the ban, and the reason or the ban.

So this list effectively becomes your interactive report now to see what is going on with bans.

You can also add an Alert in the Alerts tab, which could call your own CrushTask, which can then in turn write out log entries with whatever formatting you want.  These variables can be used there:








How about a way to export the report from X number of days? 

It will be a nice to have... :) 

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