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Store public SSH keys in AWS S3

My team would like to have users that can authenticate over SFTP using several different public SSH keys. Currently, CrushFTP supports this if the files are stored in a local directory. However, if stored in a database, only one key can be used.

To allow multiple keys per user, it would be helpful to us if the keys could be stored in an s3 bucket.

Daniel Dersch

The DB field can hold multiple paths to local pub key files.  Separate each in that field with a return character.

The latest build of crush also allows having the key contents in the field too, separate each with ";;;" to have multiple.  Until he latest build, only one key was allowed if doing full contents.  Now with the separator chars, you can do multiple.

No S3 support as that would introduce quite a bit of latency into I don't know that its a good fit.



Hello Ben,

Multiple keys stored in the field is sufficient for our needs.



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