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Sharing feature email addresses


I have a user that frequently uses the sharing feature to send files to many external email addresses.

Currently, they have to copy or type each email address individually with a ; separating them.

Would there be a way to implement any one of the following:

Some way to import contacts from exchange or outlook,

Having a separate address book in CrushFTP to save frequently-used addresses,

or simply auto-fill previously-used email addresses?

They could just disable the send email checkbox, create the share, and then click open in email client.  Then they are in their native outlook and can type and get auto completion as normal.  That is what I would suggest.



Ahh, I didn't even notice that option.  That user does have outlook, so that should work for them.  Thanks.

For anyone else that finds this later, we had a heck of a time getting that "open in email client" link to work.

Apparently IE11 doesn't handle long mailto: links very well.  Our share email body had a lot of HTML which made the link extremely long, so nothing would happen when clicked.

I removed most of the HTML from our share email body template, and as long as the file we're sharing has a short enough name, it sort-of works.

We still usually have to copy the link and paste it back into a new browser window for this to work.

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