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Minor: Version 7.3 build 1 - Advanced Download Resume doesn't work



  Has I have read it in the changelog, I do confirm the Advanced Download Resume doesn't work.

Thanx.  Regards.

Can you be more specific on the issue and configuration you had?



Hello Arpad,
  I did DOWNLOAD a FOLDER with items in it.  For test purposes, while I was transfering, I CANCELLED the transfer to simulate a transfer abortion.  By example, my file weight 2.1 gigs big and I stopped at 900 megs.

When resuming the FOLDER, it overwrites from 0 the files.  Simple as this.

BTW, this is a known issue.  It would be nice to have some sort of a list of KNOW BUGS.
Thanx. Regards.

Thanx. Regards.


Hello Arpad,

Please note that after testing the RESUME option, it doesn't work. Instead of RESUMING, it overwrites the FILES.

Please, now think of a user downloading a folder that weights a few gigs and he as to re-download from skratch.

This might be a minor feature for developper, but this feature would benefit to all of your clients, top to bottom.

Note: I have done testing manually and from the USER MANAGER. The option is now there.

Thanx. Regards.

More likely, I have forgot to mention that it would be a nice option to be able to HIDE the Advanced Download Options in the BASKET from the UserManager.

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