CrushFTP 7.3 Released (03/11/2015)


_1:added check for update to check build

_2:added sort task item

_14:added download of HTTP response item in CrushTask

_17:added {protocol} variable for crushtask.

_18:allow controlling max outgoing http buffer (GDrive).

_19:posix group supports variables.

_25:crushtask error scenarios pass in the item of error now for variable references

_28:added block overwrite pattern to crushtask copy/move

_29:added append mode for CrushTask

_36:improved job report schedule to give more details.

_38:FTP now uses configured TLS versions

_40:added CrushTask process only first item flags across most task items

_44:tunnel version 3 is now available

_45:added session cache async to disk

_46:individual session logging can be disabled

_47:adds copy unique name pattern

_48:added custom user session log location

_52:CrushClient can handle command line file transfers and be scripted out.

_54:Added support for DES: scheme on passwords.

_59:auto remove old expired internal share references

_62:added new report for failed logins

_63:added randomize home folder name for LDAP

_67:allows forcing delays between commands in SFTP protocol.

_70:jobs can be limited to one instance per server, or per cluster of servers

_74:added type variable for deletes and renames

_75:added type variable for downloads and uploads

_78:added support for custom upload form meta info from DMZ

_84:added priority to serverbeat

_85:added ability to run a linked job on a DMZ server.

_87:added ability to do chunked native uploads in web browsers for faster upload speeds.

_94:added pack200, Z,XZ,LZMA compress/decompress types for CrushTask

_96:added support for connection profiles in jobs.

_97:added user and count info for security user hammering alert

_98:added alert type for when CrushFTP is restarted

_99:dmz security alerts are forwarded to internal server

_101:added trim function support for text functions and auto trims alert_msg

_102:added additional ban security alert.

_110:added remote file client for running processes as a user in windows.

_113:added ability to route as2 connections out through a DMZ.

_117:added as2 message signature validation options

_120:added ability to compute basic math expressions in CrushTask variables

_125:added event for when a suer shares

_126:added tag to log output, and support for google captcha v2, and logging tags at the start of the line

_130:added custom event type

_132:http sessions can now honor session timeout configurations overriding the http session timeout value

_135:added ability for Link job task to run on other internal servers and other where to run choices.

_138:added support for bind_ip parts in template user

_139:added auto retry on loading usernames from XML

_144:added resume support for S3Crush

_145:improved DMZ logging, added alert type for month items

_146:added 's3_max_buffer_download' flag to control memory usage on S#Crush downloads.

_147:added segmenting support to s3crushclient to overcome resume issues on large files

_150:added max upload/downlaod day and month available amount value support for web listings

_153:csrf protection is enabled by default now

_154:sped up S3 plain connections via caching

_157:added cwd_stat flag for ftp client

_160:added support for dir size calculations in WebInterface.

_162:added ASCII flag for PGP ecnryption on the fly for VFS.

_164:added temp_name feature to coyp and mvoe tasks.

_165:dmz prefs now have new properties added by default

_166:faster job jump/link scenarios with less delay.

_169:added EXPORT ciphers to permanent disable list.

_174:enhanced advanced mode transfers on resuming, and overwrite scenarios.


_3:fix for rapid user logins potentially causing one to fail

_5:fix for colliding VFS not allowing listings

_6:webdav client fix over https

_7:added comments to internal shares

_8:added LDAP support for SSH key based auth lookup

_9:fixed saving users in User Manager

_11:fixed job cleanup for temp user event jobs

_12:fixed bug with & in registration name and preferences

_15:rolled back to acl2 mode for default operations

_20:capture error on ftp logout when login didn't work, and don't make folders in popimap task

_22:fix for dmz and linked VFS

_23:fix for S3 downloads of entire folders.

_24:fix for DMZ memory leak.

_26:fix for CrushSync startup re-uploading offline deleted files on windows, and keyword creation for zip files.

_29:fix for crossing data socks in multithreaded http upload in same session (crushsync)

_30:fix for session replication clearing old sessions

_31:fixed mecmache to have folders as well as files

_32:fixed no content popimap bug

_34:fixes for bad firewalls on FTP connect

_37:fixes bad user.xml writes under load

_39:fix for restoring jobs

_41:more heavy load protection for single user account writes

_42:race condition when downloading tiny files with SFTP

_43:fixed job progress line tracking

_45:fixed session cache and session cache on exit

_46:allow sha or sha-1 AS2 mic responses

_49:no longer checks for encrypted header size when items are internal VFS references

_50:fix for DMZ/internal server with replication deadlock

_51:fix for copy/paste folder in DMZ

_53:fix for popimap task

_55:fixed bug with session replication frequency

_57:don't save prefs.xml file as regularly.

_58:fixed bug with task to run when account is disabled.

_60:fixed bug with manage shares removing valid references.

_61:multiple ldap configs were not being checked properly.

_64:fixed reverse proxy.

_65:fixed password history logic.

_66:fixed temp filename extension renaming when done

_66:fixed move task not closing SFTP connections.

_68:fixed url and name replacement variables in CrushTask.

_69:fixed bug with server not tracking last_logins for reports.

_71:fixed bug with DMZ downloads and advanced downloads

_72:fixes potential deadlock issue under high load

_76:fix for upload file type

_77:fix for date variables in CrushTasks.

_79:fix for viewing suer log

_80:fixed caching bug with password history validation

_82:fixed as2 task sending when dealing with many files.

_83:fixed default threading issue with s3 not uploading large files.

_86:fix for http uploading

_89:fix for serverbeat master scenario

_93:tunnel3 protocol is stable now.

_95:fix for urldecode issue in cut/paste, and socks proxy by IP

_100:fix for alerts missing the msg part.

_103:fixed webinterface uploads timing out when they are slow to start

_111:fixed RFile to work with service

_112:fixed PGP trailer size for SCP

_114:fix for importing trusted keys into PFX file</br>

_116:fixed bug with PASV response and private IPs

_117:fixed pasv IP response scenarios for private networks and public

_118:as2 variable fixes

_120:fixed bug with upload form data going through DMZ

_121:fixed loading connection profile for uservariables

_122:fix for finishing a file upload</br>

_123:fix for receiving MDN through DMZ

_124:hides column on expiring account report for not in use.

_128:fixes issue with session timeout in clustered environment

_129:fix for creating share in DMZ mode

_130:fix for running multiple same named events at the same time, and fix for replicated DMZ share creation.

_131:fixed bug with DMZ and multiple VFS locations

_133:fix for client cert auth with CN at end of subject

_134:fix for sending trust store for client cert auth to DMZ

_135:fix for password issue in DMZ

_136:fix for & in browser uploaded names

_137:changed redirection to use relative path

_140:fixed bug with keystores in memory in DMZ and AS2

_141:fix for excessive memory usage on really large file uploads with S3.

_142:fixed delayed initial login window

_143:fixes for log rolling to be less abusive of CPU

_148:fix for sftp uploads where session is closing before upload is completed</br>

_149:fix for double security alert notifications for bad_login and DMZ

_151:fix for DMZ race condition missing replies.

_152:fix for FTP proxy scenario for bad FTP servers that don't start you in / and don't implement stat properly.

_152:fix for deleting partial failed uploads when suing a temp extension during upload

_155:fix for http task and cookies

_156:fixed s3 url selection bug

_158:fixes for star_stat mode for proxying to windows IIS FTP servers

_159:performance fix for star_stat and large directories

_161:fix for ensuring http upload completes on tiny files

_163:ftpclient proxy speed improvement

_164:fixed memory usage in S3Crush.

_167:allow file XML errors to be logged

_168:fix for path consistancy on delete CrushTask

_170:fix for raw S3 throwing errors when finding files that were in progress

_171:fix for anon and null ciphers

_172:fix for multiple http uploads in same single session having socket issues

_173:fix for dir listings paths with filter

_174:fix for job scheduler run timing issue.

_175:fix for SFTP memory issue

_176:fix for SFTP upload queueing.