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Using HomeDirectory multiple times

I'm wondering if it's possible to set it up so the HomeDirectory plugin has multiple configs.

For example I create user A and that creates their home folder with subfolders X and Y

I can then also create user B and that creates their home folder but with just subfolder Z.

Is it possible to do this with the plugin or is there a better method?

Each plugin can be configured to limit to certain username patterns...  Or you can attach the plugin onto a user on the Connect event, but at that point you should probably just make the folders yourself...

You could assign it to a group user, then just add new users into the different groups to have the homer setting auto applied to the users in that group...



I am also stuck with this, though my scenario is a little different: I simply want a certain user base to have a home directory but not all users.

What I tried is to create a Group called "HomeDirectory" and a User "HomeDirectory" (being member of the Group "HomeDirectory"). This user has a VFS linking to itself (circular) without any predefined vfs (just enabled vfs linking and pointet it to itself). I enabled the HomeDirectory plugin with username matching string "HomeDirectory" (instead of *) and disabled "prepend username".

I thaught that after adding an enduser to the group "HomeDirectory", this would then (vfs)link the HomeDirectory plugin and structure to the enduser.

But it doesn't :/

What am I doing wrong?

Set the HomeDirectory plugin to only trigger on a login event.

Remove your circular VFS linking stuff, it is irrelevant here.

Add an event for on "connect" to the HomeDirectory user and reference the HomeDirectory plugin.  Now anyone who inherits this event, on login, gets a HomeDir created.


Hi Ben,

well, I got this a little wrong it seems =)

It's working now... ...even better:

Create clones of the HomeDirectory plugin with different Path/Access configs and assign it event-based to different users/groups. Real nice!

I guess I would have solved this on my own at some point, but in the GUI the checkbox for "Only run if configured for a login event" is visually indented to "Replace Existing VFS With New Home Folder". This made me believe It was a sub-option to this and never touched it then. Maybe a thing to get fixed in a next release?

Anyhoo, thanks a lot!

UI is fixed now.

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