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Trying to test v7 after copying over users and prefs from v6


I'm gearing up to upgrade us to v7, but want to test things out before I do anything I can't undo on my server. I installed CrushFTP7 on another machine and copied over the prefs.xml, users and other files per this page

When I try to start the Temporary Server, nothing seems to start.  I tracked down and changed settings in prefs.xml that refer to the address and path to folders/certificates.  The logs have several of these messages:

CrushFTP Version 7.2.0 will not work with a CrushFTP 6 license.

but I can't see where to clear the license out so it's running without a license as a trial while I tinker. Or is this not possible and I can only run as a trial starting from scratch with no users or prefs imported?



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wait, nevermind, I just realized that's what the Authenticate OSX button is all about. Thanks.


Hi, Jeff.

If you want to use the CrushFTP 7 trial you need to use it without your prefs.xml, as your prefs contains details of your registered license.

If you think, you can email us directly at and we can provide you a temporary license for testing purposes.

Let us know.



You can also edit your prefs.xml file and remove the three lines containing "registration" to get the v6 info.

However I am not sure this is the real issue either.

When you click start temp server...what exactly does it do?  Does it say the ports started?

What happens if you use chrome for example to try and connect to a port?



I removed the registration info (thanks) and it seems to start but generates this in the log:

SERVER|03/06/2015 10:10:33 AM|Port 80 is reserved since its below 1024.  Authenticate as root to fix.

What do I do once I authenticate? Is there some command line thing I need to run under sudo?

After I click Start Temp Server, I get a dialog saying "Servers started, use a web browser now and go to one of these URLs:"
It then lists my local IP address for http and https.

Oh, I also needed to clear out all references to the old machine's IP in prefs.xmlm otherwise, the dialog displayed THAT machine's address.

Thanks much,



wait, nevermind, I just realized that's what the Authenticate OSX button is all about. Thanks.


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