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Task variable formatting/definition...

Would it be possible to include some additional info in the UI under a Task > Variables tab.

It lists the following, but there's no indication if its bytes/Kbytes/kbits/Mb etc. - can you clarify what the values represent please?

{size} size of the file
{speed} speed of the transfer
{start} start time
{end} end time

Also the start/end time seems to be a serial number rather than an expected date/time stamp, e.g. 2015/2/25 12:28pm

Can I also request some way of formatting this as part of the variable name be added (much like the "." or "_' formatting used on date/time variables. That way we can decide whether {size} refers to bytes, kilobytes, megabytes etc. Same with {speed}, would be nice to be able to have {_speed} = X Kbytes/sec vs. {^speed} = Mbytes etc.

Thanks, TJ

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