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Simple link sending method

It could be that I just don't fully understand the features of Crush7 yet, I know of the mini-url and sharing options but don't think it can be made to work as simple as this suggestion.

We work with intelligent people, just not IT intelligent. I'm speaking of both staff and clients. We need to share files all the time with lots of new users. It would be extremely useful to have a share function that works as simple as some free transfer services found online.

It appears to me this can be done, but not without first going into Crush and creating the mini-url, or sharing options first, for a particular file/folder.

It would be great if there were a 3 step process to send a link to a file to any external email recipient (right-click file, hit Send Email, enter email address, press Send (in Outlook).

 - A staff member with a crush login could browse for ANY file on the crush server and with a simple "right-click", get a context menu with a selection for "Send via email".

- That email would open in their email client (MS Outlook), complete with their user specific Outlook signature - and contain a link to the file.

- The user would only need to enter the email address of the recipient and hit send

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Your looking for OS integration there, and that is an area we won't get into.  We will get close to that area, but never to the level of a shell extension I don't think.

You can do this level of sharing right now...

Logged into WebInterface is assumed.

Drop item onto browser window, item auto uploads, and then pops open your email client window with a form email pre-configured including the temporary link.  You enter in the recipient email and click send.  So that is fairly straight forward...



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