CrushFTP 7.1 Released (07/07/2014)

Introducing AttachmentDirector - redirect Outlook attachments through your corporate CrushFTP server for Enterprise users.
ServerBeat has been rewritten to be more robust and no longer uses JGroups. Allows for active/passive job handling too.
Allow binding session replication to a specific IP
Allows greater than and less than signs in emails
SessionReplication now handles error conditions and higher load.
All around session handling has been significantly improved.
Improved WebInterface slideshow
Improved WebInterface streaming movie player
Re-activated WebInterface drag and drop support.
Added support for delayed uploads that will start at a later specified time.
Added page/tab title upload percentage tracking.
Added localization language selector into WebInterface for dynamic changing of the language.
Job designer improvements for displaying the active job progress and items each step processed.
Added submenu capability to WebInterface buttons.
Added duplicate VFS item and ability to copy VFS item from one user to the next.
Supports routing Execute CrushTask commands through a DMZ server with Enterprise licenses.
Uses internal URL handling for HTTP commands in CrushTask HTTPTask items.
Added KillTask, DecompressTask, and CompressTask items
Allows use of expired PGP keys.
Added functions for CrushTask to handle substring, replace, and split operations during variable replacement
Added false scenario route for the Jump task
Added route tracking on tasks
MoveTask can better handle moving a folder structure
Added warnings about PGP key sizes needing Java policy files
Added PGP verify and sign support to PGPTask
UserVariable can now target the first or last item in the list, and also “pop” it off the list.
HTTPTask can now upload the file contents
FindCache can now reference items locally or remotely.
Support routing a connection through a specific DMZ instance
Added SOCKS and HTTP proxy for routing outgoing connections
Added SMB protocol support to VFS and CrushTask items.
Support multithreaded S3 transfers and other major improvements to S3 protocol.
Added S3Crush protocol for CrushTask and VFS to allow fast interactions with S3.
Added OS/400 protocol support with its terrible system of folder simulation.
CrushTunnel now minimizes into the systray/menubar and can be revealed on demand.
DMZ communication now “sticks” a connection to a server unless the server goes offline.
PGP in stream usage now uses binary mode and not ascii mode for faster transfers
Advanced mode applet does zip64 to support very large files and still allowing compression
CrushFTPDrive supports more variables in the JNLP file for startup configs.
CrushFTPDrive can route through a proxy now.
CrushFTPDrive reconnects after machine sleep or other interruptions much better now.
CrushFTPDrive uses a system driver to simplify the initial installation requiring no reboots.
CrushSync now makes installing a startup shortcut optional
CrushSync can route through a proxy now
CrushSync supports only checking the size of files
CrushSync supports realtime only mode only capturing events that happen while running.
CrushLDAPGroup now has a browse function to help you choose the right path to choose.
Allow setting the full permissions to use when doing a Full Access temporary share.
AS2 adds SHA256 support.
UserFolderPermissions report adds the notes field to the report.
SMTP email supports more Auth modes.
Hack detection can be based on a URL pattern or HOST header.
Max expiration days for Shares is the default setting in the User Manager customizations.
Added WingFTP import
Remembers bad usernames for TempAccount attempts to prevent abuse.
More support for PFX and PKCS12 formatted kesytores.
Show the user when their account will expire.
Added CSRF protection to prevent hacking.
Allow defaulting a username for the login form
Supports only allowing a single instance of a job to run at a time.
Added ShareBodyEmailClient to have a separate text only body for opening in email client.
Added publish and attach for temp shares
Added convert passwords function to force all passwords into a particular hash mode if they are currently DES.
SSL improvements to assist with CSR handling. (Simple 3 step process now.)
Added offline update handling once users are on 7.1
Added support for quota reporting when going through DMZ
Supports multiple server session replication (3+)
Internal code cleanup and refactoring to help with HTTP session racking and simplify further development.
Added SharesSummary report item
Performance improvements, better memory management
Allows temp share by Copy mode for non local items.
SSL SNI support is possible when using Java 8
iCal fixes for WebDAV calendar requests
Better event item grouping and tracking

dealing with more than 400 items in a list with CrushTask
multithreading in complex task scenarios.
email address formatting in PopImapTask
replace all LINE references in CrushTask and not just the first one
“not” condition on the jump task was ignored
browsing inside a zip using windows.
space encoding issue for webdav servers
modified date bug in SFTP client.
FTPES files transfers of 0 byte files
Java applet uploader fixes with file size of sub items
pgp decrypt and encrypt both at the same time in-stream was only doing one, not both
fixed bug starting multiple tunnels at one time
fixed bug with start on login for CrushFTPDrive /CrushSync and newer Windows OS versions
fixed CrushSync downloading a file as a folder.
service install / uninstall fixes for Windows.
fixed issues with old job cleanup
bug fixes for slow socks5 proxy clients
bug with cut/paste and a CrushSync agent monitoring the folder
fixed issues with some linux distress free disk space reports
fixed issue with lost events on run immediate and a fast client logout after the transfer.
fixed issue with abusive sftp clients and DMZ mode
fixed various bugs in internal ReverseProxy implementation and deployed it as front end for
DMZ mode and download as zip fix
AS2 MIC calculation bug
copy/paste bugs in WebInterface when pointing to non local folders
fixed bug with temp job cleanup
fixed email password and email token for pass reset in DMZ mode
fix for DownloadAsZip when your in an invisible folder.
reports now indicate if no data was found for sport instead of just being blank
fixes bug in log rolling when log folder has other items in it
many DMZ improvements ins speed and stability
WebInterface added missing localizations.
ie8 issues fixed in WebInterface
fixed issue with CrushFTPv6 import of jobs using references to global plugins.
various fixes on Browse popups in WebInterface to correctly choose paths.
fixed issue with cloning plugins