CrushFTP 6.5 Released (4/15/2014)

(All of these items already existed in v7. This is a maintenance update to CrushFTP v6 to help people who have not upgraded to v7 yet still get some final improvements. v6 will no longer be receiving new features, only bug fixes in critical items.)

Faster dir listings
Folder monitor has more controls on filtering items
Added support for MD5 hash in email events
Jobs can be scheduled for multiple times in a daily schedule
Changed syslog provider
DMZ can display image previews
DMZ connection was rewritten for stability and simplicity, no longer uses JGroups
Replication between internal servers no longer uses JGroups
Changed signing method for applets and JNLP for new java requirements
Improved inherited item population with expiration dates
Supports multiple TLS versions
Improved AS2 logging
ServerBeat can issue POST command after becoming master
Adds a thread debug button to track debug scenarios
Adds more password algorithms for SMTP servers
Faster logins when there are lots of temp accounts
Reports quota and space errors to web browser clients

FTP command MFMT bug fix for UTC format
tracking of decrypted file size
cached file size reported after upload
password expiration and changing when going through DMZ
forwarding proxy bug
ServerBeat (VIP) bug fix when IP gets disabled
branding issues with CrushFTPDrive and CrushSync
Specific file size and timing could cause HTTP upload to fail
IE11 fix for it hiding its user agent
Oracle DB user manager event name
CrushSync copy/paste bug
Block invalid download requests from HTTP client
Some user events could be lost in a particular scenario