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Certificate Import Error @ Thu Feb 05 14:26:12 EET 2015
I have a wildcard certificate installed but I'm trying to install the new SHA-2 version. I have the .pfx file in the same location and I'm updating the filename in the keystore location but whenever I test certificate it gives me an error:
[quote]Cert Test Failed: toDerInputStream rejects tag type 10[/quote]

spinkb @ Thu Feb 05 14:43:49 EET 2015
Is this CrushFTP 7.2.0_130+?

We had a bug in prior version where we ignored that an item was PFX and treated it as JKS for the test operation. The keystore may work fine, but test won't check it.

Updating would fix the issue.

Ben @ Thu Feb 05 14:49:28 EET 2015
I'm running 7.2.0_143 (just updated today).

I'm not sure why Crush isn't letting me upload the newer cert but this may be more of a Java problem; I updated it on the server to version 8u31 and I noticed when I logged into FTP I had an error from Java saying that the certificate isn't valid because it doesn't trust the authority (GoDaddy)
spinkb @ Thu Feb 05 15:10:31 EET 2015
You might have to add the newer godly root cert to your java cacerts keystore...

7.2 now has a keystore utility tab in prefs, encryption, SSL. You can list cacerts, and import in a public key to it.


I had the same issue. Apparently it was the encoding issue in path: 

When I manually changed it to this then it was all good. See if it could fixed in the next update. thanks!



Manually Corrected:


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