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Virtual Directory vs VFS. What is the main difference?

quebecman @ Wed Feb 04 21:39:55 EET 2015

I have been trying to find info on the online documentation but unfortunately, I can't find what I am lookin for. I do not completely understand the difference between the VFS and the Virtual Directory. The only thing that is obvious is the fact that you can't upload on Virtual Directory.

In other terms, VFS seems to be way more powerful and was wondering what are Virtual Directory for?

Thanx. Regards.
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spinkb @ Thu Feb 05 03:33:15 EET 2015
The Virtual File System (VFS) is your entire filesystem.

A Virtual Directory is just a way to create a fake organization of items. Its not a physical folder people can upload to...but you can drag physical folders into it so that people can go into those to do an upload.

99% of the time, people do not use a virtual dir for anything.

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