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Easiest way to send email links for quick download

waltb @ Wed Feb 04 11:59:53 EET 2015
We've reluctantly adopted a file transfer service to send large files, sometimes over a gigabyte to clients. Our not so technical staff like it, because its very simple to use- you just login to website, browse for files on your local computer and hit Send.

The clients like it too because it's equally as simple to use. They get an email from the website with a link and click it to download.

Can something this simple be achieved with CrushFTP?
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spinkb @ Wed Feb 04 13:22:16 EET 2015
Yes. You can set users to have an automatic quick share after upload. Sot he process can be drag and drop into browser to auto upload,t hen window pops up with the link to give out.

Or it pops up a window to type in the email for the recipient, and so on.

Virtually every aspect about how the process works can all be customized, including colors, what items to hide, etc.

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