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Adding a CANCEL button to custom upload form

waltb @ Wed Feb 04 11:08:15 EET 2015
I created a custom upload form for a user but noticed that once that form pops up, there's no way to cancel out of it. You can't even close the browser down (chrome) and reload- it pops right back up.

How can I add a "Go Back" or "Cancel" button to that window?

btw- just purchased enterprise package, great product!

spinkb @ Wed Feb 04 14:04:32 EET 2015
Did you assign this as their login form, or as the upload form?

Only assign it as the upload form.

There is an OK and cancel button when its this way.

waltb @ Wed Feb 04 16:11:45 EET 2015
I think I did it the way you suggested?

I created a web interface form named useruploads and under the user manager for this particular user, selected this custom form under "WebInterface Upload Form".

In case you need, I am Version 7.2.0 Build : 140
spinkb @ Wed Feb 04 16:41:52 EET 2015
Have you made any other changed to the WebInterface customizations section?

What does the form look like on our demo server?

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