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Treshold at x%, x days to be added.

quebecman @ Tue Feb 03 21:58:52 EET 2015

This is my first post. Well, the only thing I can say so far is that this software is "outstanding". I especially love the VFS folder, plenty of features, granularity and much more.

As we speak, I am testing the software. I was wondering if any TRESHOLD could be ADDED in a future version.


- Send a warning email to the users that have 80% of the reached Max Download Amount Per Month
80% of 100 gigs = send an email

- Send a warning email to the users that is password will expires in 5 days
5 days before the password expires = send an email

- Send a warning email to the users that is Account will expires in 3 days
3 days before the account expires = send an email

Customizable email would be nice.

Note: Would this feature be only in the ENTERPRISE level?

In other terms, these option might be already in there since there is so much stuff.

Thanx. Regards

Best Answer

Latest build fixes the issue now.  Update and test.



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spinkb @ Wed Feb 04 05:28:54 EET 2015
At the moment, we only have a threshold email for the quota scenario. We supported emailing about when a user has exceeded the other values.

See the prefs, Alerts area.

Enterprise users could schedule jobs to run daily and do conditional login for when a date is within 5 days, so that is covered there for the date expirations, but only for enterprise users.

We may provide more specific set notifications on user accounts in a future build, but there aren't methods for now.

quebecman @ Wed Feb 04 21:31:25 EET 2015
Hello Spinkb,

Since this option is not yet available, is there anyway we can add these USEFUL information on the WEB INTERFACE for the following:

- Your account will expire in 17 days;
- You have 32 gigs left on your 100 gigs monthly allowed

I see 3 places this could be added. The User Option, Footer and or the bottom of the page. It would be nice if we could use the VARIABLES such as %accountexpire%, %gigsleft_dl%...


Logged in as :Test_Account, Expires : 03/05/2015 10:34 PM (Session timeout in 9 min, 43 secs.), Account expires in: 13 days, 32 gigs left on 100 gigs.

I really needs these options since I am pretty shure I will be asked all the time for this project.

Thanx. Regards.
Solyom84 @ Fri Feb 06 18:49:05 EET 2015
Hi, Quebecman

We already have these in CrushFTP7.

You can see the remaining space remained on the top of the file list and the expiration below the file browser, as on the attached image.

quebecman @ Fri Feb 06 19:34:41 EET 2015
Hello, Solyom84,

My bad, I didn't saw it. Well, I was wondering if we could add the following:

" Account Expires in: 15 days "

This would be awesome guys! I am asking this because I am fedup of people asking for it. Personally, Alert Type and or web page would be great.

Thanx. Regards.
spinkb @ Fri Feb 06 19:44:22 EET 2015
If the password expires, the user can change it. Your not involved. That is why only the account expiration is shown.

I don't know really any systems that tell you before they expire your password...that would be unusual.

quebecman @ Fri Feb 06 19:48:36 EET 2015

Please, can you send me an email with the snapshot. I get an error message when I try to see the message.

Attachment support is disabled or inacessible. Cannot proceed.

Thanx. regards.
Solyom84 @ Fri Feb 06 19:53:05 EET 2015
Please email us directly to so that we can send you the screenshot of the notifications screenshot.

quebecman @ Sat Feb 07 18:01:35 EET 2015

I do see that the user as a MAX OF 100 gigs DOWNLOAD on the WI. Can I know if this number is STATIC only?

In other terms, I have done some test and after downloading 20 gigs, the number didn't change.

I am looking for something such as "80 gigs left on 100 gigs per month"

Thanx. Regards.
quebecman @ Mon Feb 09 14:08:41 EET 2015

I was wondering if this feature could be DEVELOPPED and or ENHANCED? There was no follow up on this thread.

To be more precise, instead of sending an ALERT to be send to the user by email, I would like to show it on the Webinterface in a DYNAMIC way. So far, the SESSION and the Account Expires are shown.


19.7 gigs left on 100gb.

Thanx. Regards.
spinkb @ Mon Feb 09 18:29:38 EET 2015
We validated the issue, and are considering how to implement. Will get back to you.

quebecman @ Mon Feb 09 18:36:45 EET 2015

thanx for considering it. I Would call this an enhancement more than an issue

Keep up thé great work.
quebecman @ Tue Feb 10 18:29:01 EET 2015

Do u have any timeframe? Just by Curiosity, is this hard to implément this user stat?

If u can, do not Forget thé other user Stats such as

Uploaded so far on 100 go
LAst Time logged in

Thanx regards.
Solyom84 @ Tue Feb 10 18:32:59 EET 2015
It's not on the high priority list yet.
It will be done, just there are other enterprise license high priority feature requests that need to be solved.

You can update any time and see if it has been aded.
We will notify you as well, but need to deal with the higher priority things first.

quebecman @ Tue Feb 10 18:43:10 EET 2015

Sounds Great.

Can u Tell me when asked by my membres... Is there s fast way to give the infromation or thé report is thé only way?

Thanx regards.
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