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Create a folder as set by custom form

waltb @ Tue Feb 03 15:23:32 EET 2015
I setup a user named uploads and created a custom upload form for this user. One of the custom text fields I capture is named "UploaderCaseName".

When the user uploads, I'd like CrushTask to create a folder based off that variable and move all files uploaded by that user to that folder.

spinkb @ Tue Feb 03 15:32:11 EET 2015
OK, so that is two steps.

make directory: {parent_url}{UploaderCaseName}
move: {parent_url}{UploaderCaseName}/{name}

waltb @ Tue Feb 03 15:53:24 EET 2015
Got it, that worked. Thanks! Love your program!
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