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server files navigation and monitoring

wilyamwalass @ Sun Feb 01 10:23:35 EET 2015
I was looking and visit your websites and really you are did very neat and great work in server log files analysis and i saw also the information we can obtain from these log files , sir presently i PhD student and i very need to analysis the web files content that you are mention in your site that you can tracked the files that uploads and downloads from that site through ftp , and you are also detected that files neatly and some information related to number of visitors that downloads that files , my role as follow :
i has a server ( my university server ) and this server contain :
10 websites for each website there some of files that attached with web pages ,.
and admins of these sites uploads and downloads files to those sites ( images , Video , documents , sounds ..etc ) throw the ftp protocol for each websites : suppose
website 1 :
website 2:
website 10 :
all the above sites hosted in single server and suppose i the owner of that server i need to monitor the file behavior like if any admin upload file such type (image,video,text,mp3 ..etc ) i need to extract the information about the files that were uploads through specific time stamp , and the files that downloads through also time stamp and the types of these files and any other information about the files that can help me that may give me indicator the most files downloads from site 1 is images file ,
then i need to list the action if did on these files from admin of website mean if admin changed , removed , create files to his own website ,
and also if these files mean jpg images is found also in other website like :
ahmed.jpg is an image found in site 1 , is this image name found in site 2 depend on file name or file size and any other features help me ....
i look for any thing that assist me , and please accept with my best wishes and thankful for your great works

ahmed jabbar obaid

spinkb @ Sun Feb 01 10:28:53 EET 2015

CrushFTP is a separate server product. We are not reading and parsing log files.

You need to be using CrushFTP for the server and clients connect and interact with CrushFTP. From your questions and description, it does not sound like this is the case, so i don't think CrushFTP can help you here.

wilyamwalass @ Sun Feb 01 10:49:45 EET 2015
thank you

my problem as follow , suppose i has server and i hosted 10 websites ( domains) in that server , these sites which hosted in my server , and admins of these sites uploads and downloads files periodically and continuously i need such a tool that i can explorer the files was uploads and downloads and actions has been done by each admin on these files , and i possible can i attached a specific folder to each website and then can i listed the files and any action has done for each website .....

and if possible what i can get from using crush software related to my previous role ....

thanks with regards .
spinkb @ Sun Feb 01 13:05:37 EET 2015
I'll reply here since your emailing support as well. Ask one place, don't duplicate your questions, or ask multiple times in the forums.

Using CrushFTP you can have different users, and you can run reports to see what the users did. The different domains don't really matter, what matters is what user logs in and what action they take. The reports will track this info.

Download and use the 30 trial of CrushFTP today and see how things work.

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