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Folder Monitor on Remote S3 Bucket?

DomDriver @ Tue Jan 20 07:39:28 EET 2015
Hi everyone,

I've setup my Enteprise edition of CrushFTP, and everything's going great so far. However, I've now got to try and tidy up old files on the server in each user directory.

From what I can gather, Folder Monitor is the tool to do this. However, since each of my users uploads files to remote S3 buckets, I can't seem to navigate to those folders when trying to configure Folder Monitor - i.e. I can't select S3 buckets to monitor.

Two questions then:

1) Is it possible to use Folder Monitor on remote locations (specifically S3 buckets)?
2) If not, Can I achieve this using CrushTask jobs?

spinkb @ Tue Jan 20 08:29:46 EET 2015
You cannot use FolderMonitor. Use the Jobs tab, and configure jobs to go after these locations to look for old files.

So a Find, then a Delete. But for testing just do a Find, then a Wait. Make sure its getting the files expected before you let it start deleting.

DomDriver @ Wed Jan 21 03:52:02 EET 2015
Hello there,

Thanks for that, I thought it might be the case.

However, I've just tried this, and it seems that I can't use special characters in my bucket names. This is a problem for me, since my S3 bucket names include dots '.' i.e.

I can use the full bucket names as home folders without this restriction when configuring user home directories, but when specifying a job, the input validator flags the dots as special characters. Is this valid functionality? If so, how can I get around this?
spinkb @ Wed Jan 21 05:33:34 EET 2015
Fixed in new build. Update now.

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