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Filezilla Update

PaulP @ Wed Jan 14 04:04:01 EET 2015
Since the most recent Filzilla client update users receive the following error when connecting via FTP (port 21); Accept timed out
550 20 second timeout while waiting for PASV connection on port 61060
Failed to retrieve directory listing

This has only occurred since the most recent Filezilla update. Prior to this there was no issue. WinSCP continues to work without any issues.

Best Answer

Your ports are not open.  You said they are, 2000-2100, but they definitely are not.  Either the router has another place controlling this, or the OS has a firewall enabled blocking.

A simple test is change a CrushFTP server port to be any number between 2000-2100 and try and connect.  If it works, it means the port is forwarded.  If it doesn't, it proves the point that the port isn't open and can't be used for PASV mode then either.



spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 04:07:01 EET 2015
Does your server work for FTPES on our diagnostic page test?

If not your ports aren't forwarded on your router for PASV. We suggest 2000-2100, this needs to be configured on the FTP port, and your router.

PaulP @ Wed Jan 14 04:19:51 EET 2015
Hi Ben,

Thanks for the quick response. The Server does pass the diagnostic test. Should I still forward the suggested ports? Just seems odd that this was fine up until most recent Filezilla update.

Kind regards,

spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 04:42:25 EET 2015
Its only the latest FZ that starts using FTPES by default.

So the diagnostic test passed for FTP or FTPES?

PaulP @ Wed Jan 14 04:48:24 EET 2015
Hi Ben,

Apologies......Passes FTP, fails FTPS (Received fatal alert: handshake_failure).

So this is why I have to configure the ports within Crush and my router?


spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 04:57:20 EET 2015
We don't seem to have a test for FTPES. :( Didn't realize that until now.

Do you have a PASV port range forwarded? 2000-2100? On the port and your router?

PaulP @ Wed Jan 14 05:03:00 EET 2015
Hi Ben,

No, currently only port 21 forwarded on the router.


spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 05:04:16 EET 2015
You must set the port range, or else all FTPES connections will fail. Which means everyone who uses FZ or Cyberduck might have issues since they both use FTPES by default.

Set the range to 2000-2100 and forward on your router too.

PaulP @ Wed Jan 14 05:25:04 EET 2015
Thanks Ben, all sorted now.

Kind regards,

tdstout @ Wed Jan 14 17:34:53 EET 2015
I have a user with FileZilla who cannot connect. PASV ports are set at 2000-2100 in server and router. Here is his message.

" I am still getting this error message

Response: 530 Access denied.
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server"

I cannot locate the diagnostic tests. Where do I find it?

tdstout @ Wed Jan 14 17:36:40 EET 2015
sorry. i found the diagnostic page. but still working to sort out the problem.
tdstout @ Wed Jan 14 17:55:33 EET 2015

Diagnostic test passed. No failures. Server is working OK. What next?

spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 19:42:33 EET 2015
530 access denied means they typed a bad username or password. Nothing to dow with ports or anything else.

tdstout @ Wed Jan 14 19:43:44 EET 2015
thanks. they must have a problem with the password.

Hello Ben we're currently running in to these problems since we put a new server in for a client. We also went from 6 to 7 at the same time. This is just plain FTP

Diagnostic page just says Operation Timed out or connection reset depending on the browser i use

Status:  Connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Status:  Connected

Status:  Retrieving directory listing...

Command:  PWD

Response:  257 "/" PWD command successful.

Command:  TYPE I

Response:  200 Command ok : Binary type selected.

Command:  PASV

Error:  Connection closed by server

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