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Event run the Command falied on User Manager

shifre @ Tue Jan 13 20:25:15 EET 2015
Hi, i am shifre,
i define a event, this event is "Execute" type,
i fill it on follow:
Working Directory:D:workspaceackendtool_part1

then the follow is log info:
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.Task.:CrushTask items size=1
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:Starting...
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:item list size:1
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:command before:D:workspaceackendtool_part1start.bat
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:argument before:
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:command after:D:workspaceackendtool_part1start.bat
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:argument after:
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:D:workspaceackendtool_part1>java -cp lib -Djava.ext.dirs=lib -Xbootclasspath/a:. -jar fileexport.jar
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:operable program or batch file.
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:Job task:__demoadmin2_011415122553563:8ABsgQj8OTwmi72K0pK6
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:java.lang.Exception: Process exit error:1
01/14/2015 12:25:53
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:tasks.Task.go:150
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:CrushTask.Start$
01/14/2015 12:25:53
01/14/2015 12:25:53 PM:tasks.ExecuteTask.Execute:DEBUG MODE
This command was just executed:

please help me,, i do not know its work theory, it will call command window on system? or others?

spinkb @ Wed Jan 14 03:17:55 EET 2015
Your bat file doesn't run.

Java is not a valid command in your DOS prompt since java is not in your OS path.

Specify the full auth to your java.exe.

Something like:

C:Program FilesJavajre7injava.exe

shifre @ Thu Jan 15 01:10:05 EET 2015
Hi, Ben, thanks for your advice, but there still has the same problem.

my "path" configuration is:

C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_21injava.exe;%JAVA_HOME%in;%JAVA_HOME%jrein;%SystemRoot%system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%System32Wbem;%SYSTEMROOT%System32WindowsPowerShellv1.0;C:Program Files (x86)ATI TechnologiesATI.ACECore-Static;D:apache-maven-3.1.0in;D:developtoolsTortoiseSVNin;

Log still displays this problem-----'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command

or there is a configuration problem?

when i input "java -version" on command window, it is good.
when i double click this bat file, it is also good.
spinkb @ Thu Jan 15 02:24:17 EET 2015
You must use the full path to your java install and not rely on the PATH. I suspect your PATH is not set unless you use some customer environment variables in the config.

You see it in your DOS window since windows is doing that automatically for you.

But if you just use the full C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0_21injava.exe as the binary things will be fine.

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