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Setting restrictions to reject files without the 5 letters [ABC] in the filename

davebullet @ Mon Jan 12 19:34:40 EET 2015
Rather than setting a list of possible partial filenames for transfer rejection. I'd like the opposite. I'd like to be able to create a rule saying "only files containing "[ABC]" anywhere in the file name can be transferred"

Is there a way to configure the above in the restrictions?

Or is the best way to create a post processing task to delete all files that do not contain [ABC] in the name
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spinkb @ Tue Jan 13 18:39:32 EET 2015
If you know REGEX, you could do it with that...

You can do regex patterns with the prefix:


So you could then do a reverse pattern scenario. But we don't provide regex support in how to format your patterns as that gets rather complicated...

Might also be able to do:

That may also give you the desired results.

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