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File blocking - .htaccess

sexy-trousers @ Mon Jan 05 13:00:33 EET 2015
Is there a natural block somewhere in Crush for blocking .htaccess files? I have a user configured that doesn't have any file filter or patch access defined but when they login and upload a large collection of files and folders (actually it's an automated process), I get the below error when it attempts to upload a .htaccess file - what am i missing?

Access not allowed. myuser tried to violate upload priviledges.

Thanks, TJ

sexy-trousers @ Mon Jan 05 13:23:45 EET 2015
Just add onto this, if I delete the folder structure the process automatically uploaded and I trigger the process to upload again, it works without the issue, so it's intermittent yet the user being used to login and the content are exactly the same...

spinkb @ Mon Jan 05 14:14:37 EET 2015
Need to see the full log leading up to the error message.

Has nothing to do with that filename.

Has everything to do with what folder they attempted to upload uploading to "/" when that isn't a writable location. Most likely the client has a bug in how its handling all the files and getting confused when its doing a write. The log will reveal the issue.

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