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Show user passwords to admin users

joshmaida @ Wed Dec 24 01:35:42 EET 2014

Is there a way for an admin user to view associated passwords in the User Manager?

We have multiple project managers who need to distribute and re-distribute login credentials to multiple project managers in another company. If the person who created the account in our company fails to record the password, it's an awkward process to recover/reset with our clients and vendors.


Solyom84 @ Wed Dec 24 03:03:12 EET 2014
Hi, Josh.

As an admin you can go to the UserManager and at a given user double click on the "password" text and that will show you the current password if you don't have encryption on the passwords, set up at the Admin>>Preferences>>Encryption.
If you have special encryption set up and the passwords are saved like that you will not be able to see the passwords on the user, just replace them.

joshmaida @ Wed Dec 24 11:35:39 EET 2014
Nice! Question answered.

Thanks Arpad.
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