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Ad-hoc Sharing Question

waltb @ Tue Dec 23 14:21:16 EET 2014
We produce large video files typically about 1GB but possibly larger that we would like to share with clients via an email link. We currently do this using sites like but would like a more professional approach.

Your product appears to cover that need nicely, however, I noticed in your video tutorial you emphasized that it creates a "copy" of the original file.

My questions to you are:
- Where do these ad-hoc file sharing "copies" get created?

- Would we essentially need to have duplicated data for every file we intend to share with external clients in order to facilitate 24/7 access to their data?


Solyom84 @ Tue Dec 23 15:02:40 EET 2014
Hi, Waltb.

You can go to the Admin>>UserManager>>UserName (default for all users) in the QuickJump select Webinterface, scroll down a little and at the Available customizations in the Filter box type: share and set the share type to by reference.

That should give access for your clients to the files without having extra copies stored.
If you share a folder by reference the user who gets the share link, will be able to see the updated contents as well of the given folder, until the share link is valid.

waltb @ Tue Dec 23 15:08:10 EET 2014
Great! Thanks
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