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download zip file name

ptnl @ Wed Dec 17 16:07:34 EET 2014

I am wondering if it's possible to change the download zip file name from to something more related to the name of the files you are downloading via the crushftp web interface?


Solyom84 @ Wed Dec 17 17:26:20 EET 2014
Hi, Paul.

In the Admin>>UserManager>>UserName (default for all users) in the QuickJump select Webinterface, scroll down a little and at the Available customizations you can set the downloaded archive name.
If there is only one file downloaded the archive will use the given file's name.

Let us know.


Would it be possible that the zip file uses the name of the folder, the downloaded files are in? That would be more related as 

E.g. for a download of:

Test folder/test file 1.pdf

Test folder/test file 2.pdf

-> the file name of the zip would be Test

If you download the folder directly (and not files in the folder), the file name would also be Test

That would be very helpful.



You can turn on the webinterface customization for prompting for the zip name, but there is no logic to try and look at parent paths and assume which path is the most appropriate.
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