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Login Page customization under CrushFTP 7.X

bj @ Wed Dec 17 07:49:50 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

i tried today to switch from CrushFTP 6.5.0_3 to CrushFTP 7.2.0_79.

currently the basics are working.

but in 6.5.0_3 i have customized different login-pages.
you can see in the attached screenshot an custom login-page and link under 6.5.0_3.
there i have also customized the login-page with an link to an seperate apache-webserver with php-support and one webpage with an webform where we can enter an e-mailadress.
after somebody have entered an e-mailadress the php-webpage will created an diretory in the server-filesystem with the "e-mailadress as loginname", an "random-password" and the "_notify" option for "MagicDirectory", so that the CrushFTP MagicDirectory plugin recognices it and will notify the user by the given e-mailadress that their account was created.
i also have attached an screenshot of this webpage.

so in version 7.2.0_79 there are many things different and i want to use the MagicDirectory too for creating user-accounts from the login-page by emailadress.
do you have any solution for this or recommandation?

thanks, bj

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spinkb @ Wed Dec 17 11:12:47 EET 2014
The login system in 6.5 and 7.2 is the same. So what worked in 6.5 will work in 7.2.

But 7.2 has more features on the login you will be missing those if you keep your old login page. But it should still work just fine.

MagicDir and such haven't changed.

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