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A few pre-purchase questions: 'variables' in VFS directories and reverse DES encryption

abc @ Fri Dec 12 04:56:53 EET 2014

There are a couple of questions I have prior to advising that we make a purchase of this software for my organization. We are looking to migrate from FileZilla Server to this product and I need to verify that CrushFTP fulfills our needs.

Firstly, is it possible to use things (particularly the username) as variables when assigning directories to use for the VFS? For example, if I have a user called 'Alastair', and I want users to have directories FTP/Deposit/Alastair and FTP/Receive/Alastair, but I do not want to have to configure every user to manually have access to FTP/Deposit/

This is possible in FileZilla by using :u in the directory (e.g. FTP/Deposit/:u)

Secondly, we occasionally have a need to view our users' passwords unencrypted. These passwords are set by our team and cannot be changed by the user, and we may need to view their password if they forget it. We do not wish to change the users' passwords because there are automated routines running using these user accounts that would break down if we changed the password.

How is it possible to reverse the DES encryption? What method is used, and what value is used for the key?

Look forward to reading your reply.

Alastair Campbell
Bibliographic Data Services, Ltd.

spinkb @ Fri Dec 12 05:02:46 EET 2014
Your notify email for this forum is incorrect and the email is bouncing...

I'll reply back here in a little bit.
spinkb @ Fri Dec 12 05:18:45 EET 2014
In the User Manager, if your not using hashing, double clicking on the label Password: next to the field will reveal the password. If its hashed though, it can't be revealed.

For the scenario you described, you could simply make this config on the default user with a VFS item referencing a variable.


and another item


And name one Receive, and the other Deposit. user logs in,s is both folders, chooses which to go into and that is it.

All users can link to this common VFS. This doesn't create the folders for you, but allows for the general pointing towards the folders. If you needed the folders created automatically too, you could have a login event referenced as well that generated the folders. You would only need to do this one time, and allow users to be inheriting this setting automatically.

abc @ Fri Dec 12 05:42:10 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

That solution for the password is perfect, thanks for that.

The VFS example was working for me, but is it possible to also name the folder with variables? i.e. I want the folder to show with the user's name, like they can change into the 'alastair' directory, which is at C:FTPalastair for example?

I tried out %username% but it shows as literally %username% in the directory list.

Hope this is possible.

spinkb @ Fri Dec 12 05:47:47 EET 2014
The folder name can't be their username because it would cause a collision of two folders at the same level having the same would they be able to distinguish which was which?

It is possible, but creating the VFS item with a custom name would have to be done through a login event and crush task configured item. This could make the VFS item pointer and VFS.XML file with the permissions on demand at login.

abc @ Fri Dec 12 05:53:55 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

Sorry, I wasn't being clear.

I meant a structure in this format


Mapped to a physical tree like this:

Is this possible, preferably without using the Tasks feature?

spinkb @ Fri Dec 12 06:48:12 EET 2014
To match that dir structure, CrushTask has to be used.

Send us an email at support and I'll give you a user.xml file that has the event already created.

You just need to update the paths in it to point to your folder location and it will do exactly what you are looking for.

abc @ Fri Dec 12 07:54:05 EET 2014
Hi Ben,

Thanks for that, I have fired off an email to you.

Best regards,
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