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Logging / Log rolling configuration

tk_don @ Sun Nov 30 15:23:04 EET 2014
Hi again,

Firstly, thank you for the great support I've received so far. Got it to work behind Squid proxy long ago - turns out the "Service unavailable" was caused by a 503 error - solved by creating the appropriate DNS and rDNS records for both servers in our DNS servers (Windows Server environment). I will update my previous thread later with this update so that it can help others.

A few "nice-to-have" features are still not as they should be for me, and I haven't been able to find the details in the Wiki.
I'm trying to get log rolling to work, so that 10 logs are kept, with rotation occurring every night at 4 AM.
As it is now, no rotation occurs, and log keeps growing.

CrushFTP is running on CentOS 7, so I was thinking that when configuring log rolling, it would install a script executed by cron, but my crontab is empty.

Here's my setup:

Do I need to do something differently, and what is the meaning of "Log Roll Rename Hours" ?

spinkb @ Sun Nov 30 18:49:39 EET 2014
Use 04:00 and not 4:00

The other option is a way to change the offset in hours for the filename it creates.

tk_don @ Mon Dec 01 11:42:00 EET 2014
Yup, that's it. Thank you!
Log rolling works perfectly now - tried earlier today with "09:00" AM.
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