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Error - localization set en not available, After successful update to 7.20

samsaba @ Fri Nov 21 14:27:10 EET 2014

After my last update of the FTP Server there was no error the update was successful,

But after, whenever I log-in I noticed this message about the localizations for en is not available?

So far from what I can tell, things are working fine but whenever I log in or out I get the message
In the top right in a black error box the Error Message is:

Localization set for language en is not available

I checked the localization file they are there.
I know that this release has one of it's new functions is to change languages local from the webinterface.
What am I missing here?

This is the last update am I at:
CrushFTP Version 7.2.0_43 from CrushFTP, LLC
Last Server Restart : Fri Nov 21 13:32:55 EST 2014
CrushFTP is up to date (Version 7.2.0_43)

I really appreciate any direction on this.

Thanks in advance

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spinkb @ Fri Nov 21 14:29:03 EET 2014
Can you email support directly and provide your login page URL so we can see what it does for us?

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