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Hide Folder from Users

chad131 @ Tue Nov 18 13:10:51 EET 2014
I use BitTorrent Sync to keep some folders in sync on a site I have. BitTorrent sync creates a ".sync" folder in the root.

How can I hide this folder from a user in the web interface or when the log in with an FTP client?

Also, while the files sync, they have a .!sync extension. I would like to hide those as well.
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Solyom84 @ Tue Nov 18 14:43:36 EET 2014
Hi, Chad131.

You ca go to the CrushFTP WebUI at the Admin>>UserManager>>UserName (default for all users) in the QuickJump select restrictions, scroll down a little and at the Content Restriction you can set what file extensions should not be shown, or allowed for users.

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