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Hide buttons for temp shared accounts

gerlin @ Mon Nov 17 23:34:20 EET 2014
Is there a way to remove the "User Options", "Search" and "Show Basket" menu bar options for temporary sharing accounts?

I am just trying to make the interface as simple as possible for the first time user.

I tried removing them from the TempAccount, though it did not seem to affect the temp share accounts I created afterwards.

I though I had read in the forum that the TempAccount settings are applied to temp share accounts, though maybe I am mistaken.


Solyom84 @ Tue Nov 18 06:01:38 EET 2014
Hi, Gerlin.

You can carefully edit with a text editor the prefs.xml file inside the CrushFTP folder and set the
"temp_account_share......" or "temp_account_share_web_javascript" fields to false.
Save the changes and then it should work properly.

You can remove these buttons from the Admin>>UserManager>>TempAccount (default for all users) in the QuickJump select Webinterface, scroll down a little and at the Buttons section remove the unwanted options.

gerlin @ Tue Nov 18 11:09:12 EET 2014
Thanks for your response.

I don't think I want to disable "temp_account_share_web_javascript" since I want some of the buttons to work. (unless I am misunderstanding this).

Some of the buttons I can configure (for full access) by setting the :

Share Window: Default Share Permissions on full acess: (view)(write)(makedir)

Though it still leaves the "User Options", "Search" and "Show Basket" buttons.

I tried removing the buttons in the Web Interface section for the TempAccount and if I log in as TempAccount then the buttons are gone as expected, though this does not seem to follow through to temp accounts created for shares. They still have the buttons.

Maybe I messed up and I can test again, though I do not think that all of the TempAccount settings are applied when creating temp accounts for shares.
gerlin @ Tue Nov 18 11:14:18 EET 2014
Also, let me say this is not very important to me. I just wanted to make sure there was not a simple way of doing this that I missed.
spinkb @ Tue Nov 18 12:44:59 EET 2014
You do need to disable those or it copies your current user config to the temp user instead of inheriting from the TempAccount on those settings.

gerlin @ Tue Nov 18 21:01:29 EET 2014
Thanks, I have it looking the way I want now.
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