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Migration from Linux to WIndows

brianly @ Sun Nov 16 20:13:03 EET 2014
I am about to migrate an existing Crush v6.3 on Linux to v7.2 on Windows. The current Linux implementation has 220 odd users and a layered folder structure.
I understand from looking in the forum and reading the migration guide that I can migrate the users by simply copying across the users folder and prefs.xml.
I have tried this on a test VM and the 220 users appeared in user manager. ( Too easy!)
But what about the underlying folder structure?
Is there a way I can generate the folders from the xml files?
On windows do you set NTFS permissions?

Thanks and regards


spinkb @ Mon Nov 17 04:41:43 EET 2014
Permission info is all part of that user folder too. The issue you have though is linux had a path like:


And your windows has:



And maybe not a C: but maybe a D:, or E: etc.

So this will take a mass find/replace on the files using something like notepad++. Finding references to the one path, and updating it to the new path. Test with one first to get the syntax right.

brianly @ Thu Nov 27 15:55:21 EET 2014
Thanks for the reply.
Sorry I have taken a while to respond but I have been waiting for some data from the existing server to have a look at the files to see if I could locate the "/home/user4/folder1/" type strings and look to substitute them.
I appear to have the users folder and the prefs.xml file.
I couldn't find any of these type of strings.
Under the MainUsers folder there appears to be a folder for each user.
Under each user folder there appears to be two files:

Which file configures the users default folder?

Thanks again

spinkb @ Thu Nov 27 18:24:50 EET 2014
Right next to user.xml and vfs.xml there is also a VFS folder. This folder contains XML files without a .XML extension.

These are the fields that have the references to your dir paths. These are what you change.

I would do this using TextWrangler on OS X or Notepad++ on windows.

brianly @ Tue Dec 02 19:57:58 EET 2014
Thanks again Ben.
I had seen these VFS folders in my windows test crush install. But they weren't present in the files I was supplied from the Linux server so I wasn't sure if there was an exception to what I observed.
Now I know I should have these folders and xml files I'll ask again for a copy of the data.


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