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Can not insert pictures to Email templates

Dearuser @ Sat Nov 15 18:35:00 EET 2014

I have tried to insert images to Email templates but they shows up incorrectly. Coming up as text in mailbox whatever I do.
Tested with pictures uploaded to Tinypic and Imgur. I'm not exactly sure about how to make it work. Used HTML for websites and URL for mail and IM.
Made the choice insert picture link http:// and checked with HTML editor.
Any working examples to show ?

Thank you

spinkb @ Sun Nov 16 02:53:54 EET 2014
Can you disabled HTML in your message here and paste an example, maybe in a CODE block here?

Dearuser @ Sun Nov 16 07:42:32 EET 2014

Inserted one "x" before "img src" to disable pictures. Could not figure out where to disable.
Two tests done. It's only blank space around my examples in HTML editor.

spinkb @ Mon Nov 17 03:37:29 EET 2014
Tiny pic is not a link to an image. Its a link to a spam laden website where it shows an image inside of a bunch of advertisements. You can't tell a browser to display that webpage as an image...its not.

If you have an actual link to an image, then you can, and it will work.


</div><div>Here is a CrushFTP logo, is it visible?</div>
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