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CrushTask FileParser: First Line Of File Contains Headers

DomDriver @ Fri Nov 14 07:54:36 EET 2014
Hi there,

I'm trying to understand this configuration option from within CrushTask. I'm parsing CSV files which do indeed have the headers in the first line. I'm then inserting the data into a DB.

If I check the toggle option for the first line containing headers, what does this actually do behind the scenes? Can I still define the names of the columns to be used in downstream tasks? Is the header row automatically excluded from downstream processing?

I understand that if I uncheck the box that the first row is treated as data, but the opposite converse is confusing me.

EDIT - Specifically - what is the purpose of the column index versus the name?

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spinkb @ Fri Nov 14 11:35:30 EET 2014
Enabling that does exclude the header as data...and you can now reference the header lines with curly brackets.


Otherwise its {0} {1} etc for the items to get columns.

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