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Multiple emails generated after upgrading to crushftp 7

fishlips @ Mon Nov 10 17:14:46 EET 2014

I've been using version 6 for over a year and just upgraded to version 7. I set up an event so that when I upload a file into a users account, an email is generated. I use filezilla to upload the files. I set it so that it does the event after the user is idle for 60 seconds. The problem is when I upload multiple files to the same user. The files typically do not take long to upload, maybe 20 seconds in total. In version 6 only one email would be generated but in version 7 it is sending multiple emails (if I upload three files, there is 1 email for one file and one email for the other 2). Can you help me with this as my users are complaining about the number of emails they are receiving. Thanks.

BTW, thanks to your awesome support. You guys have helped me set up my ssl certificate a couple of times and I really appreciate it. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to these things and you guys have really helped me out. Thanks!

spinkb @ Tue Nov 11 01:24:15 EET 2014
Edit the prefs.xml file.

Set the flag "relaxed_event_grouping" to be true.

This will group events together better.

fishlips @ Tue Nov 11 07:27:07 EET 2014
Thanks for the quick response. Will let you know if there are further issues.
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