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using job to move files to protected folder

sam spicer @ Mon Nov 10 05:59:28 EET 2014

Am trying to move files from a users sftp folder to a folder on our network which is locked down by security groups. I don't know which user crush uses to move/copy files so i cant add it to the allowed list.

Any suggestions?

spinkb @ Mon Nov 10 06:08:26 EET 2014
Whatever user ran CrushFTP is what it's running as.

So check your windows services and see what it's set to run as. If you haven't set it to run as a domain user, configure one.

Or in your copy task, use a smb:// url to write the file there.

sam spicer @ Mon Nov 10 06:15:52 EET 2014
Thanks Ben,
Can tell its a monday i didn't even think to look at Services.Many thanks
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