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LDAP users and VF

aosoguy @ Tue Nov 04 13:17:39 EET 2014
I am simply stumped as to why my LDAP users are not getting the same vf as the default user that is setup that they should be inheriting. The desired config is that all LDAP users login and are presented with one VF. Is this even possible?

spinkb @ Tue Nov 04 16:04:39 EET 2014
Yes, this is possible.
In the plugin, near the bottom, enable use local folder if LDAP HomeDirectory not found. Disable append username to path, and disable create folder with username.
Now they will be able to login and will only get the VFS of the "import settings from CrushFTP user:" item.
aosoguy @ Tue Nov 04 16:08:57 EET 2014
That did it, looks like it worked in CrushLDAPGroup when previously I was using UniSSO.
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