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Email task with attachments

DaleB @ Mon Nov 03 16:05:43 EET 2014

I'm trying to add a job that Finds files on an FTP server and emails them to a user. I have the Find task working and it appears to be finding/filtering as it should and the Email task will run and send a list of the file names in the body. However, when I check "Attach files", the task fails with the below as the last lines. The first line there appears to be the end of the Find's FTP call.

[code]11/03/2014 03:56:38 Goodbye.
11/03/2014 03:56:38 PM:tasks.EmailTask.Email:Starting...[/code]

Any ideas what to check? Am I misunderstanding how that task is supposed to work?

Thanks for the help!

spinkb @ Mon Nov 03 16:25:02 EET 2014
Attach requires local items...file:// URL items to be able to attach them.
So an easy workaround is to Find, Copy to a temp folder, adding to the list for future use. Then exclude "ftp:*" with a task, then email all, with attachments, and finally, delete (which will delete only the local items since you previously excluded everything that was ftp://*.)
DaleB @ Mon Nov 03 16:34:31 EET 2014
Looks good! I added a Copy and Delete task and it sent the files through and cleaned up the temp area. In the Job UI, it shows that the Delete task wasn't successful (took the red path) but the files were gone and no errors appeared in the log. Is this something to be concerned about?

Thanks for the help!!

spinkb @ Mon Nov 03 16:38:39 EET 2014
I would need to see the job flow to understand exactly how you have it...screenshot?

You can email erectly to support if you don't have enough posts to post here.

DaleB @ Tue Nov 04 08:07:32 EET 2014
Well, I tried to rerun the job and take a screenshot this morning but, I can't duplicate the behavior. If I see it pop up again I'll try to grab one but I think we can ignore this for now.

Thanks for the help!
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