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Configuration options for streaming video

jbarlow @ Fri Oct 31 20:20:38 EET 2014
Hello everyone,

I'm running CrushFTP version 7.1.0_36 on a Windows 2012 server.

I am able to stream most mp4 files on an ipad via the web interface, except if they are very large (8 gb). Which is great.

I can attempt to stream mov files, but they do not seem to download as fast as mp4s and so the playback always catches up the buffer and they stop and start. Size doesn't matter, I can play a 3.1 Gb mp4 smoothly with no trouble but not a 124 Mb mov file. Location doesn't matter either, I have confirmed this identical behavior on an iPad in CA and a different iPad in MA.

Does anyone out there use the video stream option regularly? Are there ways I can configure the CrushFTP server, my Windows server, or my internal network to optimize the video playback? Any advice would be welcome.

Jen Barlow

spinkb @ Fri Oct 31 21:32:03 EET 2014
Please click update now to get version 7.2. Then test things again.

These issues should be fixed already.

jbarlow @ Sat Nov 01 07:22:38 EET 2014
Thank you! I clicked Update Now and it ran fine. It ended with the message that if I have Crush running as a service (which I do) that I need to run update.bat. I have searched the CrushFTP installation directory but cannot find a file by that name. Any tips? Thanks again, Jen
spinkb @ Sat Nov 01 07:29:36 EET 2014
You may need to...but if it's on 7.2, you don't.

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