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Task to download files from external web site

DaleB @ Fri Oct 31 16:04:52 EET 2014
We're currently in the evaluation period and trying out some of the process automation abilities to see if we can replace our current homegrown processes. One of these processes is downloading two zip files from a remote web site and placing them via FTP on an internal server for processing by another application.

I'm using a "Find" task using an HTTP remote item with the URL set to the base path on the site and the Find Filter set to the file name but it errors out. Based on the log, the problem seems to be the base path doesn't return a directory list, it returns a custom error page (not a 404 but nothing useful). From a browser, I can pull the file directly but I can't see from the Task UI how to point it to just a file (or two, in this case). I tried specifying the URL as the whole path to the file but when the task is saved, it rewrites it as a directory to search and aborts.

The rest of the job is a Copy task with the internal server as the destination. On other test jobs, I've had no trouble with that part but the Find task aborts before it gets to the Copy.

Is what I'm attempting possible? Any ideas on how I would go about it? The file names rarely, if ever, change so can I "tell" the copy task where to source the files rather than asking Find to search for them? It's probably something simple I'm missing.

Thanks for the help!

spinkb @ Fri Oct 31 18:31:39 EET 2014
The HTTP task will be able to do this soon...likely tomorrow or Monday. We just have to add the UI for it.

In the current version your using, you had to do a Find...but there is no such thing for a HTTP type...unless its a CrushFTP server and understands our request for a dir listing, or you use WebDAV.

This new build that is coming will allow you to specify the filename, and save the result response to your own file locally. Then you can Find it there, and work with it normally.

spinkb @ Sat Nov 01 16:55:08 EET 2014
Latest build now has this added. Update and you will et the new feature in the HTTP task to be able to save the result.

DaleB @ Sat Nov 01 18:38:25 EET 2014
Thanks for the quick response!

It works beautifully! The feature to add the files to the list is a nice touch and keep things simple. The later Unzip task takes care of the temp files when it lands the files on the other server so the task cleans up after itself nicely.

Thanks again!!
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